haikyuu season 4
29 Apr

The fourth season of Haikyuu called Haikyuu to the Top, has been announced for premiere in the fall of 2021. The main staff for the series is heading by Tatsuo Shimada (errors Shizuka Itoi and Takeo Kunimoto) and is composed of Bungo Koishi, who handles the battle choreography;

Yuusuke Enomoto, who is in charge of the story’s resolution; Yuichiro Nagashima, who is directing the short episodes that follow; and Takuji Yamamoto, who is in charge of the music.

This time around, the main theme for the series is “birds,” with the main story revolving around birds and different species that are found on earth.

The fourth season of Haikyuu is expected to have several exciting episodes to look forward to, and many fans are anticipating its thrilling conclusion.

The first episode is titled, “Kuro-Ho,” and is set to air in October or early November. The second episode is called, “Ryuusei,” and is expected to conclude the series in December or January.

The conclusion of the fourth season will be the conclusive one. As the anime distributor, Bandai Visual is planning to launch a franchise-wide special entitled, “Greatest Show.”

Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date

Another source says that there is another haikyuu season 4 release date, and it is scheduled to air in May 2021. No concrete details have surfaced yet. But the official website does mention that the show will be broadcasting on Fuji TV. The site also says that the show will air on other channels as well.


In the meantime, fans of haikyuu wait with bated breath, hoping that the exciting conclusion of the fourth season will finally reveal the identity of the Shouyou siblings.

This is where the anime fans will be truly pleased. Because the Shouyou family has been established as the most lovable bunch in the anime universe.

The children’s father, Tobio, played by Kenji Azuma, and the mother, Rihoko, played by Setsuna Hyakuya, seem to be in it for more than their son, Tatsuya, who they have always been jealous of.


Fans are anticipating a lot of interesting interactions between the Shouyou family and their various enemies, as well as the Shouyou household friends.

One thing is for sure, though. There is a new female protagonist in this season. A mysterious, blue-eyed girl called Maki Hana is set to play the role of Mio Shouyou’s younger sister, Mio Yashima.

Hana was also introduced in the previous haikyuu series and became one of the main characters there.

Final Episode of Haikuu Season

This year’s haikyuu season will be having its final episode next Tuesday. This is why many fans are awaiting the latest season’s release date with great excitement.

The official haikyuu website even posted photos from various scenes of the upcoming season’s cast. It can be seen in the attached photo gallery. Some of the major characters we can expect to see in the latest season include:


The first four episodes of the next season will air on Japanese television on Tuesday, April 4 at 7:00 p.m. The super-fight between Maki Hana against Ritsu Tainaka, who is known as the “God of Swords” will be shown.

The suspense lovers are waiting for this one. Another exciting episode is the one wherein Setsuna (Shihoin Nakai) comes face to face with the rival martial artist, Okada (Kazunoko). Who would have expected such an amazing fight between two masters of martial arts?!


The super-fight between Ritsu Tainaka and Maki Hana, which were previously showcased in the third season, has been extended into the fourth season!

And to make it more exciting, the first two episodes of the season have already been previewed in the first two episodes of the season.

So prepare yourself for another thrilling anime episode as the Ritsu Tainaka and Maki Hana continues their fantastic rivalry in the soon-to-be concluding Hatsu anime.

Watch haikyuu season 4 today on both the Crunchyroll and manga channels, and get ready to be amazed at how fast the animation goes!

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